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Develop Project Charter: Things to Consider

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The following are things to consider when initiating a new project for your organization.

The Shortened Version is:

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Paint a clear picture of the project using 1-2 paragraphs, including a Problem and Solution (Answer) Statement.

PRODUCT OBJECTIVES: Think of the project broken into its largest pieces.  Then, define what is to be delivered in 3-5 statements. Ensure these statements are “SMART”: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound (

MEASURES OF SUCCESS: When will the project team ‘know’ when the project is complete?  Is there a specific “Measuring Stick”, or “Litmus Test” you would suggest for this project?  Convey details about deliverables that must happen in order to say they’re complete.

PROJECT RESOURCES: At minimum, list the Key Stakeholders, Budgets, and Timeframe, as well as, any other expectations regarding resources.

RISKS AND ASSUMPTIONS: At minimum, list the project priorities, as well as, anything that may impact/limit the project’s success.

For a more thorough walk-through of the Charter, consider the following: 

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