The mission of this blog is to share the thoughts, values, and discoveries of recognized leaders in Project Management around the world with a primary goal of advancing Project Management as a profession. This mission can be achieved very easily via social learning–a renowned way of sharing information in such a way that it can be used to advance people developmentally, no matter the size of the population.

All Project Management professionals are welcomed, indeed encouraged, to challenge themselves and others, to delve as deeply as possible into the thoughts of those who ‘apply’ project management on a daily basis. Posts should be focused on the Project Management challenges of today and tomorrow. Thus, posts should be timely, if not wholly forward-looking.

This is also a place where mentors can combine their efforts and express creative ideas and share learned experiences in the context of Project, Program, and Portfolio Management. Leaders, Coaches, and Mentors should be obliged for this opportunity to model critical leadership thinking. It is a place where mentors should direct their mentees in order to benefit from the results of a collaborating profession. It is a place where mentees can come to explore and increase their project management knowledge, with the ends of supplying higher value to their firm.

Jimmie is a veteran project manager and business leader in the Cincinnati area who keeps Focus on Expectations!

“As I mature in my profession, I have a deep desire to pay forward my good fortunes in this outstanding profession by progressing the knowledge, use, and value of Project Management!” To learn more about Jimmie, please visit the Advancing Project Management website: http://www.advancingpm.com

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