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Do Project Managers Add Value?

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Hello Readers, Friends, and PM Aficionados, I recently contributed to a Discussion on LinkedIn and wanted to share that response.

The following is a response to the LinkedIn User Group Discussion “Do we need Project Managers? Do they add value? Yes/No. Why?”, Barbara Nowak-Rowe (Certified Project, Program & Portfolio Managers).

To use, or not to use PM. That is a choice for executives. Let’s consider the opportunity costs.

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Why I Love Project Management…

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As a first post to this blog, I wanted to share why I love Project Management–and I plan to keep it simple too. I want to leave plenty of room for all of your thoughts.

I love PM because it is a user-friendly, yet highly robust Framework, and the application of the tools and techniques are useful through all areas of life. I “literally” use project management for EVERYTHING (I won’t tell you what my fiance and friends think about that, tho). Consequently, using it often keeps me sharp and makes me tremendously adaptable. But, I knew going into it, that it was a solid framework.

What I never expected was the value proposition. PM forces you to focus on the importance of balancing Excellence versus Execution. Moreover, PM urges you to consider (with great care) what’s most important to each individual stakeholder. Some firm-level examples might be:

  • Delivering a superior customer experience
  • Providing maximum shareholder wealth
  • Challenging teams of employees to develop to their fullest abilities

The world would like to hear why YOU love Project Management. Please share that with us.